Martedì, 16 Giugno 2020 18:30

How Covid-19 murders hierarchy and why this is good for innovation

How Covid-19 should kill hierarchy to accelerate innovation Covid-19 has thrown companies of any size, industry and profitability right in to the middle of a massive change process on three key dimensions:

1) letting go; 
2) unleashing the power of solidarity; 
3) appreciating technological advance.  

Now, the greatest challenge is to effectively leverage these dimensions in order to reap the benefits of how these changes can be accelerators in building innovation capabilities. 

Guest Speakers: 
- Fabrizio Rutschmann, Group HR and Organization, Prysmian Group
- Markus Venzin, Full Professor of the Department of Management and Technology and Dean for Innovation, Bocconi University.

 The event will be held in english, is free upon upon registration.

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