LIVE Event | Decision-making under uncertainty: the leadership factor

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16 Jul 2020 | 12:30 - 13:15

Leadership is about making choices and navigating complexities and unexpected contexts to allow companies to survive and thrive. The spread of the Covid pandemic has brought the practice of leadership to the fore: complex or uncertain decisions that were once possible to delay are now pressing and must be faced. But, has the concept of leadership evolved over the last few months? Has the outbreak given the opportunity to dig up new leaders in large organizations? With which skills or aptitudes should new leader be equipped? In this webinar, we will tell you the story of a leader in a multinational company who guided the decision-making during the outbreak in the Asia-Pacific region. The conversation will begin in Singapore, but it will spread globally to concentrate on the challenge of leading high-performing team and of tuning the relationships with the corporate headquarters.

 Guest Speakers:

Nicholas Lee, General Manager Personal Care, Philips ASEAN Pacific
Paolo Morosetti, Program Director of the Senior Leadership Program

 The event will be held in english, is free upon upon registration. Click here