Code of ethics

The "Code of Ethics of ASFOR management training company members", first approved by the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting on 25 June 2004 and subsequently integrated, represents ASFOR's response to the marked need for transparency and accountability.

The document represents a major objective for the Association in that it intends to broaden the adoption of the Code even to non-members through collaboration agreements with other Associations operating in the fields of management and entrepreneurial consultancy, research, training and public institutions.

The Code extends to 11 articles and expresses the commitment of the Members to contribute to the strengthening of the supply system by stating the function of management training, the knowledge and skills which the training programs must deliver, the professionalism of their teachers or researchers, the values ​​by which the members are inspired and which they undertake to transmit in their initiatives.

To this end, ASFOR will continue its involvement with national and international initiatives deemed useful for disseminating the contents of its "Code of Ethics".