Joining ASFOR

By joining the ASFOR system, members become part of the Italian management training community.

A qualified network, which guarantees opportunities for cultural growth, the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of ideas, visions and experiences, in an ongoing dialogue with the scientific community and with other public and private institutions.

Thanks to its research activity on the most relevant issues and dynamics of today, ASFOR is able to detect the changes taking place in the socio-economic system, offering ways to promote a new managerial culture and appropriate responses to the training needs expressed by companies and organizations.

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Advantages for members

Design and research

The sharing of experiences developed through the accreditation processes enables members to continuously improve the training programs.

Sharing experiences

La condivisione di esperienze sviluppata attraverso i processi di accreditamento conduce gli associati al miglioramento continuo dei programmi formativi.

Networking and partnerships

The development of relationships and collaborations between members of its association is one of ASFOR's main objectives.

Accreditation system

The accreditation system evaluates the excellence of post graduate and executive business management courses.

Refresher courses

The refresher courses aimed at teachers of management promote the innovation of methodologies and the dissemination of digital technologies to support their teaching.

Seminars and virtual conferences

The seminars, both face to face and remotely, on the main issues of management education constitute a valuable opportunity for discussion between schools, businesses, academia and PA.

Working groups

The working groups, set up to address issues of particular importance or at the suggestion of the members, represent the association’s main function.

International network

ASFOR's international network fosters direct contact with the most important global schools of management, encouraging discussion and collaboration.

Events, exhibitions and trade fairs

ASFOR represents its members at exhibitions, events and trade fairs, promoting the strategic role of management training and offering fee concessions during sponsored events.

Business cases for educational purposes

The ASFOR Case Center houses a collection of over 2,000 business cases for educational use, in Italian and English, to which members have easy access.
Would you like to become a member?